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Gold standard micro-suction procedure

Our Ear wax removal specialists use the gold standard procedure called microsuction to relieve ear wax from your ear canal.

Microsuction is a safe, effective and modern method of removing ear wax. It is performed using a microscope and suction device, which allows the audiologist to see the ear canal and wax clearly, and gently remove it.

Compared to traditional methods such as syringing and irrigation, microsuction has several advantages. Firstly, there is no need to flush water or other liquids in to your ear canal, reducing the risk of infection or damage to the ear drum or ear canal.

Microsuction is highly effective in removing ear wax, even when other methods have failed. It is also the method of choice for people with certain medical conditions such as perforated eardrums or grommets, where other methods are not suitable.

Microsuction is known to be the most effective, safest, efficient and comfortable method of removing ear wax and it is recommended by many experienced specialists.

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